Our team at Sidrane, Schwartz-Sidrane, Perinbasekar & Littman, LLP is here to help you navigate through Housing Court, Civil Court, and Supreme Court. Our amazing team starts with guiding you through the initial notices, untwisting knotty rent ledgers, and analyzing issues that arise from failure to pay rent, failure to give access, nuisance behavior, succession, breaches of the lease, and failure to renew.

We were one of the first firms to successfully win against tenants illegally renting their apartments for Airbnb. We handle cases against squatters, licensees, drug-related problems with tenants– any issue that comes across your desk.

Since all of our attorneys and our Senior paralegal, Michelle D’Elia, are well-schooled in DHCR matters, we can handle a myriad of issues, such as Rent Overcharges, which arise both in Housing and Supreme Court.

This dual knowledge base and experience make our firm unique.

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