The world of rent regulation is complex and we are here to guide you through the many issues that face owners on a daily basis. If you receive a Rent Overcharge case, a Failure to Renew Lease complaint or a Service complaint, our knowledgeable staff can provide the proper guidance. Harassment cases arise before DHCR, in Housing Court and at the Federal and State Human Rights Commissions. We are here to help you through these matters.

The legislative changes that occurred in June of 2019, pursuant to the Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act (“HSPTPA”) had serious consequences on housing stock in New York. We guide you in proving how an apartment became deregulated prior to the HSPTA, how to prove that services were always maintained or in a current state of correction and assist in figuring out who has a claim to an apartment.

Issues arise with room count, validity of improvements as related to Individual Apartment Improvements (“IAIs) or related to a Major Capital Improvement (“MCI”). For example, we guide you regarding the impact of “C violations on an MCI or whether or not your new improvements are eligible or meet the useful life criteria. In short, we are here to help you determine if your project is viable and if you can recoup a return on investment.

Every day our office encounters issues regarding status of a tenant: Are they Rent Controlled? Rent Stabilized? Free Market? Did the claimant succeed to his or her grandmother’s apartment?

If an apartment is free market, how far back can DHCR or a Court go to establish the free market status? The answer is “forever.” If a tenant files a Rent Overcharge complaint, how far back can the DHCR go in seeking records? The answer depends on when the complaint is filed. Can a tenant make a claim of Rent Overcharge in Housing Court? The answer is yes. Foreclosure? This could help you avoid treble damages.

All of these situations have a variety of impacts on the financial health of your building, depending on your record-keeping and the circumstances of your purchase of the building. We are here to help navigate these issues.

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