The Four Year “Look Back” for Rent Overcharges

Michael Littman, Partner

The four (4) year “look back” for Rent Overcharge cases has been fully reinstated for overcharges that occurred before June 14, 2019 following the recent Court of Appeals decision, Regina Metro v. DHCR.

Previously, we received many DHCR notices seeking records going back six (6) years since the passage of the Housing Stability & Tenant Protection act (HSTPA) on your pending Rent Overcharge cases and PARs. These requests, in most cases, are improper.

Additionally, judges in Housing Court and Supreme Court have used the HSTPA to make improper determinations and findings with respect to pending Rent Overcharge cases and discover motions.

If you wish for us to supplement the DHCR record with the new case law, Regina Metro, or make a motion in your Court case, please let us know!

The fight against the HSTPA continues! We are here to help!

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