Update on Housing Court Proceedings

Michael Littman, Partner

Our Process Servers are open and ready to serve and file papers.

  • Non-Payment proceedings for Residential tenants may be commenced at this time. Please
    notify us if you would like to start non-payments against tenants who have failed to pay their

    • Please note, while the Court will not yet schedule Court dates, you can get a “jump
      start” on the voluminous number of non-payments that will follow.
  • Notices for Holdover proceedings may be served at this time.
    • Holdover proceedings may be commenced; however, the Court will not yet proceed on
      these new cases and will not schedule Court dates at this time.
  • New motions may be made at this time.
  • Landlord and Tenants may settle cases and enter into stipulations of settlement.
  • No evictions on or before August 20, 2020.

Our office is fully operational with our attorneys working both in the office and remotely.

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